airwaves dream…

Some of the links here might be dead… i will try and check them on their functionality…Intro_Lutz_Schramm

=dt64= In spring 1989 I ran by accident into a radio broadcast on the eastern german (still GDR) youth radio dt64, they were playing a whole record by the Slits (as recorded by John Peel). I was amazed, didn’t know much about the conditions for punk in the GDR then. (as I was living in the western german border region, still old FRG)
=parocktikum= In the following weeks I tuned in regularly into that broadcast, it was called Parocktikum and Lutz Schramm, who did it, opened up his broadcast in 1989 more for those GDR punk bands, which weren’t before allowed to be broadcast (while Punk/Indie was broadcast more often since 1986). That showed me how amazing radio could be, he played everything that was important for me at that time (Chumbawamba, Nomeansno) and gdr punk bands like Gefahrenzone or Fanatische Frisöre which I didn’t know by that time.
=Radio Blau= Years later I took part in some radio broadcasts on local free radio “radio blau“, but somehow realized that I was mostly too confused to say something in front of a microphone. We did a live broadcast with our favourite tapes (off course we had spooled the tapes carefully to songs). I played some of the songs that had amazed me so much some years before, when I heard them the first time moderated by Lutz Schramm.
This is dedicated to free radio stations. I assembled a whole lot of them here, you might as well listen (most live streams work with VLC).

“It’s coming on the airwaves / Coming on the airwaves /Coming on the airwaves dream” (buzzcocks)


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